Your TAG Decision, Fall 2016

After submitting your UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) for review and approval in September, you will be notified of our decision regarding your TAG through your UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) account, no later than November 15. Following are answers to some of the questions most commonly asked about UC Davis TAG decisions:

My UC Davis TAG was approved...

  1. Will my counselor have access to my UC Davis TAG decision?

  2. How do I make corrections to the personal information on my TAG, e.g. name, email, mailing address or phone number?

  3. Do I still need to apply to UC Davis during the November 1-30 application period?

  4. Since submitting my TAG, I expect to have or already have: changed my course schedule, dropped a class, discovered that the courses planned will not be offered at my college or attended another California community college (CCC). Will any of these changes affect my UC Davis TAG? How should I notify UC Davis?

  5. I expect to receive a grade(s) less than C in my course(s). What should I do, and how will this impact my TAG?

  6. Can I apply to a major different than the one that my TAG was written for?

  7. Some of the information requested on the UC application was already provided on my TAG application—do I need to fill in these sections? How important is it for me to complete the personal statement?

  8. I left out some information when I submitted my UC Davis TAG—can I make corrections on the UC application?

  9. I want to complete some of my required coursework during the summer, but did not indicate that on my TAG. Can I enroll in classes during the summer without jeopardizing my TAG?

  10. Is the UC Davis TAG really a guarantee of my admission?

My UC Davis TAG was not approved...

  1. Can I appeal my TAG decision?

  2. I believe that there has been a mistake regarding my TAG decision. What should I do?

  3. What if I don't understand the reason that my TAG was denied?

  4. Am I eligible to apply for fall admission to UC Davis without a TAG?

  5. Can I submit a UC Davis TAG for a future term? What happens to the TAG information I already submitted?

  6. Will UC Davis TAG criteria change next year?